Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, Ca.
bachelor of science with distinction in transportation and entertainment design

Chicago School of the Art Institute, Chicago, Il.
courses in oil painting, painting analysis, foundry casting, drawing, and video

Art Center (Europe), La Tour de Peilz, Switzerland
exchange program in transportation design

Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, Ri.
courses in graphic design, drawing, and composition
"Battle Angel Alita", (a.k.a. Dolphin Project) Fox Studios/Lightstorm Entertainment director: James Cameron, production designer: Martin Laing
extensive development of characters, vehicles, sets, cities, and infrastructures

"The Terminal", 20th Century Fox director: Steven Spielberg, production designer: Alex McDowell
comprehensive articulation of interior sets and spaces

"Superman", Warner Brothers Studios director: Brett Ratner, production designer: Arthur Max
design and illustration of cities and environments

"X-Men 2", 20th Century Fox director: Brian Singer, production designer: Guy Dyas
design and illustration of sets and props

"Constantine", Warner Brothers Studios director: Tarsem Sing, production designer: Alex McDowell
design and illustration of sets

"Minority Report", 20th Century Fox director: Steven Spielberg, production designer: Alex McDowell
conceptual design and illustration of sets and props

Hauser, Westlake Village, Ca.
design and development of concept computers for the Intel release of Pentium 3, Key frames for Sensory Systems Interiors

Designworks/BMW, Newbury Park, Ca.
advanced conceptual design, scenario development, gaming, and illustration for automotive environments

Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, Ca. and Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Hollywood Ca.
instructor of visual communication, production design, and guest speaker

Rythm and Hues Studios, Los Angeles, Ca.
character and prop designs for Disney attraction, commercial storyboards, key frames, and illustrations for Anhueser Busch, Kraft, Honda, Intel, Hersheys, and Disney

Imaginary Forces, Hollywood, Ca.
conceptual, and sequence illustrations for title designs on Titanic, Mousehunt, Zoro, Avengers, and Disney Pictures

Landmark Entertainment, N. Hollywood, Ca.
set designs for Rolling Stones world tour

Milai, Tokyo, Japan
character and environment designs for video game

H.S.I., Los Angeles, Ca.
set and prop development towards commercials for United Airlines, Nike, Intel, and Visa

Restoration & Remodeling
designed and managed restoration of factory to house modern manufacturing facility as well as 5 residential remodels.
ideation of the hypothetical and application of design methodology towards the pragmatic. accurate communication of environments, characters and props via traditional and digital mediums
member of union 790 (matte painters & illustrators)
design history, finned automobiles, progressive architecture, 20th century antiques, industrial spaces and scrap, iredescence, natural wonders, and noise

Born in the Chicago area in 1970, Mark Goerner was drawn at an early age to exploring art, and more specifically, to conceptual design and problem solving. Sketchbooks and early projects reflected an interest in industrial design and fantasy environments with a futuristic mindset. Raised by a family involved in manufacturing, industrial inspiration helped fuel an interest in machinery, and a lifelong interest in the process of fabrication and a curiosity of materials. This, coupled with a love of nature on both a macro and micro scale, archeology, architecture and automobiles, all came together to help form his base of interest. These interests were fed in later years by attending classes at the Art Institute of Chicago, Rhode Island School of Design, and finally at Art Center College of Design where he received a Bachelor of Science with distinction in automotive design, with a focus on entertainment design. While in school, internships included work for Coca-Cola, providing advanced concepts in distribution, vending and packaging, and BMW/Designworks working on various automotive and product design projects. His freelance career began by providing design services, illustrations, storyboards, character and concept development to Rhythm and Hues Studios for McDonalds, Honda, Disney, ESPN, Kraft foods, Intel, Advil, and such films as “Star Trek 5”, and “It’s Tough to be a Bug” for Disney theme parks. Further work was done for BMW/Designworks on advanced concepts and scenario development for automotive environments and interfaces. Other subsequent client work included concepts for video games, prop illustrations for “Blast from the Past”, scenario development and designs for theme park rides and Imax formatted attractions for Toyota Motor Corporation and Caesars Palace Las Vegas, posters, illustrations and graphics for assorted local an international clients, as well as museum environments for Ford Motor Company, set illustration for “X-files”, and concept computers for Intel. As these clients and affiliations expanded, an alliance with the feature film industry as conceptual illustrator presented itself. He began by working on “Minority Report” designing and illustrating props, sets and environments, followed by “Constantine” and “X-men 2”, "The Terminal", and development on "Battle Angel Alita" for James Cameron. Along with this work, he has taught classes in Visual Communication at Art Center and Gnomon, and built up an extensive knowledge of construction and interior design through personal projects in remodeling and restoration of houses. Mark currently resides in Pasadena continuing to work on varied projects as a digital artist and in constant pursuit to expand skills and a strong level of artistry in photography, illustration and design methodologies. As one of the top designers in the L.A. area, Mark continues to strive for opportunities to express original and comprehensive visions of spaces not yet known.